Rose Green (olmue) wrote,

Random things going on

1. I think I'm going to have to learn about Norway. Everyone everywhere here is Norwegian--as in, speaking it as a current language. (ND has the highest Norwegian population in the United States, followed by Minnesota and South Dakota.) There is a certain look that you start to recognize after awhile that is the ND/MN face, and I'm pretty sure it's the Norwegian look. My daughter has this friend at school who lives down the street whose father is from Norway. He speaks Norwegian to her and she understands it, but refuses to speak it back. Actually, they're a cool family. The mom is a children's writer and teaches at UND, and the dad is in the university foreign language department with my husband. Both totally calm people. Their daughter kind of looks like the younger sister of Legolas--white blond hair, ice blue eyes, slight build. She is usually flinging herself into leaf piles or hanging from trees all the way home from school.

2. I'm pretty sure our house has warped since we moved in. My husband spent time fixing the bathroom door so it would close all the way this weekend. Maybe the problem was mostly because nobody ever bothered to replace the missing screws in the hinges (they just painted over them and hoped no one would notice). But the door to the closet under the stairs used to shut more easily than it does now. There are cracks all over the walls, but it's hard to know if they are new cracks or old ones. There are a lot, and the drywall work over the decades has been pretty horrible.

3. Nanowrimo. I give writing a rest on Sundays (everyone needs a rest periodically, and that's the day we hang out as a family anyway). But I'm kind of excited about my current project! I wish I had the right name for my main character so I could settle into her better in my mind. But I'm enjoying the freedom that comes with knowing you have a month to get it down and if it fails, you've only wasted one month. But I like it so far. I took a long walk (to Minnesota) with my 8YO reader/writer/artist yesterday, and we discussed my Nano book at length. It's good to have a person you can bounce ideas off of. I have the right kids for me!

4. Have you ever read a book and it sounded like the voice of someone you know? That's happened to me a couple times lately. Elizabeth Wein (Code Name Verity) sounds SO much like RJ Anderson's natural voice (like when she's blogging, not just in her books). Jean Webster (Daddy Long Legs) sounds like Sarah DeFord Williams. And Robin McKinley sounds awfully like Elizabeth C. Bunce. Again, it's not just the kind of books they all write, but the everyday kind of language they use outside of books. Books make links of people far outside their personal circle of time and space, which is kind of cool.

5. If I don't find a way to get my kids to bed at night I'm going to lose my mind. Some kids have to get up incredibly early and some...don't, only they are all drifting towards the late end of things. With everyone starting to lose it from lack of sleep. I love the weekends to reset, but ack, it all starts up tomorrow. Hardest is the 5YO rooming with the two teenagers. He thinks it's a party every night, and doesn't want to settle down.

Good luck especially to all you Nano-ers out there. Maybe we all write great books! Or at least have fun. :)
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