Rose Green (olmue) wrote,

Nano progress

One nice thing about Nanowrimo is that you get to see a story unfold at a much more normal speed (much closer to reading speed, I mean. I can read a book in a day, so it's not quite the same--but I can take a year to write a book, so it's a lot closer to "normal"). One of the not so nice things about Nano is the quality. But I figure, I like revising, and while I do *like* drafting, it's much easier to revise something you already have. So this way you get the hard part out of the way first. Um, but wow, the writing quality is horrible! It makes me look at the WIPs I have right now that have been besting me and realize that yanno, maybe the plot issues aren't quite as unsolvable as I thought. Also, I miss them and their voice and characters.

Which probably just means that I've hit almost 25K in the book.* It seems to be a magic number for me. (Read: the part where all those vague directions actually have to turn into something, and it suddenly gets hard.) I suspect I need to do some playing around and writing some scenes out of order again to capture the feel and what I'm wanting to do with this. I just keep telling myself that in ten days, I've made it halfway through the book. If I could do it for ten days to start with, I can do ten more days of this and finish, right? And then I can go back and finish the other books that are so nice until they just...stop. *off to read inspirational posts for when you reach the muddy middle*

I hope everyone else's drafts are coming along!

*Please do not read this and I dunno, feel anxious. I am the slowest writer on the planet and this is not normal for me AT ALL. Also, the time I'm going to have to put into this to make it workable is going to be considerable.
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