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It was cold today. I don't know what the actual temperature was, but it was supposed to hit 40 and I felt pretty gypped. It was FREEZING! An icy wind that just stabs through you. It wasn't just me, either. One of the other people waiting to pick up kindergarteners (a local) thought it was pretty miserable, and so did the Norwegian/North Dakotan dad who came to pick up one of my daughter's friends later today. There are SO many things beyond temperature that make up what we call "cold." I've been much warmer when it was much colder.

Anyway, said daughter brought a friend over after school today. We used to have lots of neighbor kids over all the time, and it's been rather quiet since we moved here. This girl lives about a block down the street and is quite nice. Her dad teaches Norwegian and her mom is a writer. I call the friend Legolas's little sister because that's what she looks like--she's got the same hair and eye color, a slight build, and loves to hang in trees. She and my two girls and my 5YO played together, largely hide and seek. In the house. I'm amazed at how long they were able to keep it up without finding a door to Narnia stashed away somewhere. It's only 1038 square feet, people.

I also met one of the former residents of our house today. He looked like a college student, and let's just say this house didn't exactly bring back great memories. He seemed scarred by an incident with a leaking bathtub, and was still having nightmares about the basement... He did seem to think it looked better than when he was here. Which is what someone else told me about the residents prior to him (ie we are not in the habit of hanging our license plate collection on the front outside wall of the house).

And speaking of Norwegian again, this is how you say goodbye: Ha det! Which literally means "have one." It implies that you have a nice day, but as the neighbor says, if you DON'T have particularly fond feelings towards someone, you can finish that sentence any way you want to in your head. :)
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