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I've never been the person who is always cold. Between hot and cold, I usually prefer cold. But it's been a while since I lived in such a cold house. And the wind chill is really nasty here. I see people out running when the windchill is way below zero, and I just can't figure out how. You can wear all kinds of expensive warm running clothes, but your face is still out there. When you can get frostbite in 10 minutes, um.

My kids get off school in less than two hours. Which means I am trying to work on Nano in these last few minutes. I broke 40k! That's a record for me. Of course, it's a mess...but there are one or two images from the mess that might be worth something. As soon as this little experiment ends, I need to get back on the horse and finish this WIP that has been taking me so long. I wrote a whole novel about something else in the middle of it, and pieces of lots of other books besides. But I like the voice and the characters and have gotten through some walls in it recently, and it's time to just up and finish it. I feel like I'm in the middle of a ton of things that require great effort, and it would be nice if one thing got finished, or finally yielded some results. (I think if I knew, ten years ago when I got serious about writing, how far I would be from my goals at this point, I would have cried. I would have kept writing, though. I don't know what my husband would have done if he'd known he'd still be trying out for an increasingly small number of tenure track jobs.)

Actually, what I really feel like doing today is piling on the blankets and curling up with a book. But I need to go to the store and also make some pies at some point. And think up some new traditions. For a while in Idaho, we were going to the Thanksgiving morning community choir concert while the turkey baked, and then making a trip out to the sand dunes later in the day. Nobody is there on Thanksgiving, and the weather was fairly nice, and everyone had a fun time making noise and running around on the sand/snow/sand layers. But obviously we don't have either of those options here. I'm told that all the parks set up ice rinks that you can use for free here, and people collect skates at thrift stores and there are also trails for cross country skiing and snowshoeing, not that we have any of those pieces of equipment. But I'm still trying to figure out how that is at all comfortable when the temperature is 9 above and the windchill is -14? Unless we just spend the winter all wearing ski masks all the time? Because I checked the weather in Antarctica today, and in many places it's a lot warmer than here today.

Um...yeah. Enough with the cold. I'm also organizing the musical entertainment after the church Christmas dinner. I am not the go-to person to organize events, but I took part in a cool (and easily-organized) one in Germany several years ago, so that's what we're doing. Every organization (kids, youth, women, men, etc.) get an assignment to prepare one carol to sing at this thing. You have Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus, and at first you think that you are just going to watch the Nativity scene, and maybe stand up when your time is called and sing your part, and then sit down. But really, each group joins the scene on the stage and doesn't sit down, until by the end, all of you are up there, actually part of it, and everyone sings Silent Night together, and it's done. I liked it because it makes it all feel way more real--you're not acting it for an audience, you're recreating what it might have been like to be one of the people called to witness the event that night. And it's so easy. (And if you are reading this and you live here, please don't spoil the surprise! Nobody is supposed to know the participation element until it happens...)

Okay, now I really need to go do some more writing! Onward and upward, everyone.
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