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Well, currently there is no snow on the ground, which is kind of exciting. (A snow/rain mix is predicted today, but pay no attention to the weather forecaster behind the curtain!!) We've had a bunch of rainy days interspersed with bright sun, and things are greening up. It's kind of exciting (and looks very unnatural!).

Last weekend I drove my older kids to Bismarck for a youth trip to the temple.* I'd never been to Bismarck before, and it sure was nice to get out of town (despite the four hours' drive). It's not exactly the scenic time of year yet, with everything still brown, but once we hit Valley City, we started to see ever so slight variations in topography. To quote Lynn Rae Perkins in her book As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth, North Dakota's landscape is er, "subtle." Even so, with every hill I could feel every single cell in my body rejoicing. I am, a thousand times over, NOT a flatlander!

Monday we had the most spectacular dumping of rain, to the point that when I opened the door at the top of the basement stairs, I could hear water rushing downstairs. No, it wasn't a burst pipe. It was a WATERFALL gushing down the basement walls. The rental agency told us the basement leaked when we moved in, but yikes!! Now every time I go downstairs I feel the urge to bust into Coldplay's Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. I'm SO glad I don't own this house, and I hope it stays standing as long as we have to live in it.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny, even if it wasn't terribly warm. I reread part of Ann Lamott's book Bird by Bird, which is funny and insightful when it comes to feeling frustrated with the challenges of writing. Then I had an insight and wrote a 2300 word scene (out of order) for a book I've been stuck on. So that was good. Plus I went running, which is always nice (and hopefully it won't be another two months before I can go again). Just one of those days where you feel highly productive, so you write it down because not every day is like that!

In kid news, I have a kid trying out for a violin solo today and another kid trying out to be a television newscaster for school next year. The solo seems like a normal thing in my scope of thought, but I never would have thought of being a newscaster. My 12YO is way more self confident than I ever was, and has a wide range of interests I never even thought of at that age. My 13YO is busy holding down the fort as the only boy in his English class, and the 5YO is loving kindergarten and enjoying me reading Harry Potter to him. Last night I made egg rolls, and he was amused by the fact that some of them were crab and some of them...were goyle (pork). And the 9YO is busy with books. "Mom," she said last night about a book she was reading, "I like the plot, but the voice just isn't doing it for me." Maybe she's been hanging out in the writer world a bit too much??

Off to bring everyone everywhere. Have a great day, everyone!

*Unlike regular church buildings, which are generally open to anyone and get used for everything from church services to potlucks to basketball games, temples are open much less often and admittance is by recommend to make sure that people going have their lives in order and can bring a spirit of peace to the place. Marriages "for time and all eternity" are performed here, as opposed to "till death do us part," families are sealed together, and baptisms are performed by proxy for family members who may have died without the opportunity in life. We believe that these people can choose to accept or reject the work done on their behalf, but the opportunity is there if they want it. I guess in general terms, it might be a bit like Catholics lighting a candle for someone they care about.


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May. 1st, 2014 03:29 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you're seeing hints of spring (though the waterfall doesn't sound great). :)

Your kiddos are so creative -- I love hearing about their various endeavors. At the middle school night, the 8th graders performed a scene from their musical -- and D, who was entranced, said he'd never get up there ;) (He's very much my son in that way -- I had no interest in being in the spotlight like that.)
May. 1st, 2014 12:02 pm (UTC)
We had friends in Arkansas who were entirely taken up with football. (The dad was an advisor for university football players and the mom was always driving her four boys to football practices all over town.) As I told the oldest son, SOMEONE'S gotta be the audience, right? ;) D is just doing his part.
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